A distinctive flavor that wins you over, a red brilliant color and a delicious taste: cherry is a fresh fruit that immediately evokes the feeling of summer.

The cherry produced in Greece is famous for its high quality and distinguished by its deep red color, its big round heart shaped fruits and its crisp succulent flesh.

The cultivation of these exquisite small fruits, in Greece, follows strict European guidelines and when needed, the most recent scientific solutions are applied for tree and fruit protection. Furthermore, cultivation, processing, standardization and maintenance are handled under specific quality control systems. This great attention and care lead to the production of an exceptional fruit.

Eaten fresh as a snack, one cherry leads to another. Perfect as an ingredient for desserts, tarts and pies, the cherry is often a complement for ice cream and yogurt, but it also goes very well with savory recipes: cherry sauce is in fact a tasty condiment for meat-based main courses, such as fillets of beef, roast pork and duck.

Remembering that you can always make things better if you put a cherry on the top!


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