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Bordeaux reports positive in the US wine market

Driven by strong consumer demand across appellations and styles, U.S. is the second largest export market for all Bordeaux wines and the first export destination for Bordeaux whites. The Bordeaux Wine Council (C.I.V.B.) reports that year-end 2021 sales of Bordeaux wines in the U.S. increased 67% in value to peak at $395 million (349 million euros), and 24% in volume to reach 247,000 HL as compared to 2020.

The suspension of the 25% tariffs on French wines contributed to the acceleration of Bordeaux wine sales and bodes well for the future. These strong business results coincide with new benchmarks in sustainability: as of fall 2021, more than 75% of Bordeaux vineyards are certified sustainable, an all-time high which has driven positive trade and consumer recognition.


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