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The Europe kiwifruit market is projected to register a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period (2021-2026). Covid-19 has caused major disturbances in the European kiwi market. Kiwi exports and imports have particularly suffered during the pandemic because of the global restrictions. On the other hand, the increase in transport costs and shortage of shipping containers has led to decline in trade.
Italy, Greece, France, Spain, and Portugal are the major producers of kiwifruit in Europe with Italy leading the list. A periodical increase is seen in the listed European countries determining that the demand for kiwi fruit, domestically as well as internationally, is increasing and that the farmers had to increase the yield in order to meet the growing demand. Kiwi has become a highly consumed and most appreciated fruit across Europe because of its opulent sugary pulp and intense colors. With growing health consciousness among consumers, kiwi is valued for its benefits for the body. Kiwi is a resourceful fruit that is suitable for a variety of diets. The characteristics of the fruit such as rich in water, anti-oxidants potassium are making it ideal for Athletes’ diets. Its high fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients have contributed to the rise in demand among consumers.




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