Kiwis are small fruits that contain a lot of flavor and plenty of health benefits. Their green pulp is both sweet and delightful.

The temperate climate of Greece with fertile and productive soils favors the cultivation of kiwis in ideal conditions, with its mild winters and warm summers.

The fruit grows on woody vines and producers harvest it through manual practices, from mid-October to late November. Areas near lakes, rivers and forests are considered more fertile and suitable for this kind of cultivation.

The production of kiwis in Greece is done through certified systems of integrated management and virtuous agricultural practice, based on the internationally recognized protocol GlobalGap, as a result of which the safety of the produced products is established.

Kiwi is a perfect snack for any time of the day and an exceptional ingredient for many sweet and savory recipes: from desserts like tarts, mousses and cakes, to yogurts, fruit salads and smoothies, kiwi is in a winning combination with shrimp or prawns and also gives an exotic touch to all salads.


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