The Cérons designation, on the left bank of the Garonne River, has been recognized since 1936. These sweet wines come from three villages, Cérons, Illats, and Podensac, located about 25 miles south of Bordeaux.

The Sémillon and Sauvignon varieties are used for these wines that are made in small batches, according to traditional methods. They are matured over a period of 12 to 18 months, in vats or barrels. The grapes are harvested by hand so that the most perfectly ripened grapes, affected by noble rot, are sorted in successive selections.

Characterized by a lovely color that can range from straw yellow to old gold, the Cérons PDO is notable for its appealing vigor. Cérons wines are at once delicate and complex, ample and fruity, consistent with the nature of a sweet wine in every respect.

Perfect as a pre-dinner drinks, Cérons wines match well with white meats, such as poultry and rabbit, with blue cheeses like roquefort and also with light fruit-based desserts.


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